August To Do List

I love the month of August. Maybe it’s because Fall has always been my favorite season, or with my birthday being in September, I always feel like August is my time to re-set for a “new year”. It’s a great month to lazily (yes that’s a thing) get organized and set yourself up for a stress-free holiday season. And for anyone who just had a minor panic attack at the thought of the holidays in August – start using YOUR August to melt that stress away.

One of my favorite things about August is the slow down. There’s finally time to think about what the last 4 months of the year will look like. So grab your calendar and pencil it all in.

  • Football season/Holiday prep – calendar out when your favorite team plays, any holiday travel and pre-planning. Make sure to include downtime where your only plans are a big pot of chili and game day at home.
  • September, October, November, December – think about how you want these months to feel. If you want to be able to enjoy a hot (maybe spiked) cider and a pumpkin patch in October, find a local farm and pencil it in.
  • Holiday shopping – I like to make my holiday shopping list now. Just open up a note in your phone, make a list of everyone on your Christmas list and as you think of/run across items you think they would love, make a little note next to their name. This will make holiday shopping that much easier.
  • Farmer’s Markets – a TON of fruits and vegetables reach peak season in August. Shop local and enjoy the seasonal splendor of summers end.
  • Salads and soups – start slowly detoxing from the summer, while taking advantage of all the incredible fruits and vegetables in season.
  • Freshly baked – all the things. Use your leftovers for pies, tarts, cakes, etc. Share with friends and family. Just because you’re detoxing, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a muffin or a little bit of cobbler.
  • Fall cleaning – you’ve heard of spring cleaning, but a nice fresh start before Autumn is key. Start decluttering your home from the bustle of summer.
  • Linen closet refresh – with all of the upcoming entertaining and hosting, wash and press your guest linens (if they haven’t been recently) and stock up on impromptu guest room/hosting items.
  • Closet/wardrobe refresh – because of back to school, August can be one of the best times to invest in new clothes for the upcoming Fall season. Go through your closet and edit out what you haven’t worn for at least 2-3 years. Decided what “staple” items might need replacing.

This should be a low-key type of planning. The kind where you enjoy a coffee, after picking up fresh sunflowers. It’s designed to organize your thoughts and create an intentional “wish list” for the last bit of the year.

What are some of the ways you enjoy August?

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