A lot of people don’t realize, REALTORS®️ are all entrepreneurs. We are all self-employed, independent contractors. While our licenses hang with the broker of our choosing, our business is completely up to us. This means we wear all the hats you’d find in a traditional company: Sales, Marketing, Operations, Accounting, HR/Benefits, Public Relations, etc. Plus, play the role of: therapist, mediator, decorator and vendor Rolodex to our clients. And MAN, do our clients mean the world to us. We help guide them through, what is quite often, the largest purchase of their lives. It’s their home. A place where memories are made and cherished moments happen. As a REALTOR®️, I work hard to go above and beyond for my clients, because I rely on their referrals to grow my business.

If you ask my parents, I’ve had an entrepreneurial spirit since I was little. When I was around 7, I started pedaling metal jewelry around the neighborhood, made with a kit that involved turning “silver” beads into molten hot liquid and then easy-bake-ovening them into molds and stringing the silver beads onto brightly colored cording. I’m pretty sure I named it Jackson Jewelry and had a jewelry stand at the top of our driveway and in the swimming pool parking lot.

Proof this was a real “toy” in the 90s.

Metal was really having a moment for me, because following Jackson Jewelry, was my genius CD greeting card business, which consisted of me supergluing a CD-Rom into its case, silver side up and carving designs into it with a crude stenciling tool I made from securing a thumb tack to an unsharpened pencil with electrical tape. I don’t have a picture of this, but trust me, it was terrifying and I’m shocked my parent’s allowed it.

only picture them with a hand-drawn design that reads “Happy Birthday” or “You Did It!”

Then there was my first ever “company”, Vintage Orange ?, that I started in middle school, where I took royalty-free images from the internet, reversed the image, printed them out on iron-on paper and then ironed them to white tank tops and canvas tote bags. I was selling so many at school, I got in trouble with the administration because apparently you aren’t allowed to run a small clothing and accessories business from your locker.

Once Upon a Daisy, was created for my mother, to market her children’s book ‘Upsie Daisie Doodle Bug’, a sweet story of a cute little bug and his adventures along the day. Doodle Bug’s world was one of magic and fun. The book follows along the day of a well behaved little bug, who does his chores, gobbles pancakes, rides a merry-go-round and plays with his friends.

I started a blog, Classic Southern Flair, in 2008, while I was in college that slowly puttered out around 2013, after nearly 300 posts and several very tiny sponsorships. This was before bloggers/influencers were a legitimate thing and/or income source. It was always more of a diary/catalog of my interests at the time. Trust me, if I believed in regrets, it would be giving up on my blog. Classic Southern Flair sparked several other businesses. The most lucrative being, Southern Flair, an apparel line that featured hand-drawn Southern inspired artwork, silk-screened onto American Apparel tanks and tees. When I was moving back from Baton Rouge to Atlanta, a company in New Orleans offered me $200 per silk screen design (there were either 6 or 8 designs), but I passed them up on their offer and sold them the rest of my physical inventory, on a royalty basis, instead.

AliceFaye Paperie was a line of Southern-inspired stationery. With images such as blue and white ginger jars and wayfarer sunglasses, that could be purchased with or without personalization and came in sets of 10. I did several commissioned invitation, calling cards and stationery designs via AliceFaye. Daily Pin-up was a spin-off of Classic Southern Flair, featuring a pin-up a day, “providing retro glamour in a modern world”.

It’s so important to support entrepreneurs and nurture entrepreneurship in young people. I truly believe that it is the unyielding support of my family and friends, through out my life, that has gotten me where I am today. Working everyday, as a entrepreneur, and a REALTOR®️, under the support and guidance of the largest real estate company in the world, Sotheby’s International Realty. I’m lucky to call Atlanta Fine Homes Sotheby’s International Realty, home and so very proud to be a REALTOR®️. Thank you to all who support and encourage me. And a very special thank you, to everyone for your referrals.

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