Office Supplies You Need in Your Kitchen

While some might argue, that if you have a home office, you don’t need duplicate items in the kitchen – because you can just go grab them from the office when needed. I couldn’t disagree more. Our kitchens are typically the Grand Central Station of our homes. Meaning, almost everything passes through the kitchen: mail, packages, groceries, gifts, notes, laundry/dry-cleaning, etc. Why not make the central hub of your home a one-stop shop? Here is a list of all the “office items” (plus a few extras) you need in your kitchen to make your life easier, save time and take control of the chaos.

  • Black Sharpie markers | they write on pretty much any surface and are a quick way to date leftovers, write names on lunch bags or leave a note
  • Sheet protectors and binder | if you’re a little old-school and prefer a printed recipe, keep them in sheet protectors and filed into a binder for easy reference
  • Scissors | duh. (confession: I keep a pair of scissors in almost every room of the house – including closets and bathrooms, because there is nothing more frustrating than lost/hard to find scissors)
  • Wall mounted list-maker | if it’s a designer approved fancy version, or simply a magnetic notepad on the side of the fridge, get you a notepad
  • Post-it notes | doubling down on duh for this one too, and use the neon/bright colored version, just trust me
  • Letter tray | if possible, keep this as close to your trashcan/recycling bin so as soon as the mail comes in the house, the junk mail goes out
  • Letter opener | you’ve probably been given these, for free, by a bank or at a trade show/work event, they’re actually very useful for opening mail and packages (or find a fancy one, you can leave out and admire your extra-ness)
  • Notecards, pens and stamps | a simple set of postcards or notecards kept close by, makes it easy to write a thank you note or special feel-good message to your family members
  • Tape | masking and pressure-sensitive tape (aka Scotch tape)
  • Wine gift bags | along with a few bottles of giftable wine for last minute host/hostess gifts (your manners will thank you later)
  • BONUS ITEMS : mini LED flashlight, utility knife (box cutter), pruning shears, extra-strong spring clips, wine markers, multipurpose lighter, Tide pen, tape measure

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