Top Trick-or-Treat Tips for Kids

Plan a route

Use the buddy system

Stay on the sidewalk

Wear comfortable shoes – while Cinderella may have worn glass slippers, save the dress-up heels for home and make sure your kids have on their favorite sneakers.

Stay well-lit

Make sure all costumes are short – princess dresses or long, flowing capes can be problematic, especially in the dark. Make sure your child’s costume hits a slightly above the ankle to avoid any TRIP-or-treat.

Avoid masks – opt for face-paint instead. It’s much more breathable and won’t interfere with your child’s vision.

Use flexible/soft props – Captain America’s shield may be made from vibranium and proto-adamantium alloy, but a foam look-a-like will make for a much safer prop choice. Look for props made of foam, flexible plastics or other soft materials.

Be mindful of the candy you hand out – with so many allergies in children these days, a lot of neighborhoods are opting for “candy-alternative” treats to give out to those who aren’t able to enjoy candy. There’s also the Teal Pumpkin Project 

Check your child’s candy – make sure to throw out any opened or partially opened candy, as well as, anything that appears to be homemade (unless you know and trust the the family giving out homemade treats extremely well).

Let your candy-free kids enjoy the fun of trick-or-treat – while skipping the sugar rush. Switch Witch can be a fantastic and fun alternative to a sack full of candy. Originally created by a mom, whose daughter was diagnosed with diabetes at a young age, to allow her daughter to enjoy the Halloween season. Think Elf on the Shelf, but Halloween edition.

What exactly is the Legend of the Switch Witch? Every year, in the beginning of October, many many young Switch Witches say goodbye to their parents, hop in their flying cauldrons, and go visit kids (like yours!) for a long sleepover play date! During the weeks leading up to Halloween, kids should be a kind host to their own Switch Witch. In exchange for a nice visit, your child’s Switch Witch (wink! wink!) will turn some of the collected Halloween candy in to a gift! Maybe your child’s gift will be a new book, a toy, sporting gear, a new backpack, or even a gift certificate for a special outing with a grownup they love. Switch Witches are very clever and imaginative – yours will know just what your child would love for a gift! Then off they all fly – back home to their own families – until next Halloween when they will return to visit again! (exert from SwitchWitch FAQ).


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