Recording Devices in Homes

If you are currently shopping for a home, you might just be on Candid Camera. (Click the link if I just dated myself, and you aren’t familiar with one of America’s FIRST Reality TV Shows.)

More and more homeowners/sellers are installing recording devices in their homes – cameras, listening devices, or both.

REAL LIFE STORY: I was on a showing with some clients, who happen to be good friends of mine, so our relationship was a bit more casual than the typical client relationship.

Before we went into the very first home I was showing them, I paused at the door and said: “Hey, by the way guys, if you have any comments that aren’t positive – save them until we are out of the house… or better yet, just don’t talk at all while we’re inside if necessary. A lot of people have recording devices in their homes, and you don’t want them to hear you bashing their decor or giving them negotiation leverage.”

My friends/clients (frilents?) sort of laughed me off and we’re like, “Ok.. hahaha”. Well, the second we’re in the door, the husband says, loudly: “Google, please stop recording.” And from somewhere in the house, came the response, “Ok, stopping recording now.”

I’ve never seen my clients look so shocked! Their eyes were as big as saucers and they were mouthing to me “WE THOUGHT YOU WERE KIDDING!?!”. Which, as they had just learned, I was not. We laughed about it once we were out of that house, and my clients were careful not to talk inside the homes we visited throughout their search.

So, be aware, homebuyers… Smile, you’re (possibly) on CANDID! CAMERA!  *That is another very dated reference but whatevs.*


For more information about recording devices in homes, here are couple of articles that dive a little deeper:

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  1. True. Although, the personal assistants don’t really record conversations, only commands. Regarding actual cameras though, to start, we installed two cameras to watch our pets when we weren’t home. Now we have added two more to ensure that the pet SITTER does the job they were hired to do. We have had two deadbeat sitters fail to show up and then lie about it, and all we had to go on was the open/close timestamps on the exterior doors. The cameras are all pointed at exterior doors with one taking in a wide shot of the living room. This has given us a much higher comfort level around what happens when we are not home, but also when we are! Just remember, if you do not control the space you are in, someone else almost certainly does, so behave and monitor your conversations. If you are pretty sure you’ll be watched later, throw them off by referring to the outdated kitchen and the age of the roof. 😉

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